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iPhone 5 Feature Concept Video, Here’s The Dream iPhone 5 (Video)

iphone 5 feature videoThere certainly has been no shortage of iPhone 5 rumors over the past six months of so.  And so many of the iPhone 5 rumors have been nothing but rehashed content and speculation, with little to no substance.

But what if there was an iPhone 5 video that showed you futuristic concepts of what the next iPhone 5 could possibly do?  Yeah, it would be the coolest iPhone 5 rumor video on the web.

The features presented in the iPhone 5 video below show some amazing concepts.  Features like a laser powered keypad for your iPhone – just swipe your hand downward and a full size keyboard appears for you to type one.  Holographic video screen will turn your iPhone into an instant movie projector.  And of course, the popular ultra-thin iPhone design.

Check out this awesome iPhone 5 feature video from AatmaStudio:

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