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Get a Facebook Friends Poster Print – On Your Wall

facebook friends poster for wallThis may sound like an infomercial but I promise I’m not selling this… If you want to show off your Facebook friends on an actual wall poster, can make you one, whether it’s a poster for your wall, for your locker, or you have a genius idea for a custom Facebook poster.

It’s a little strange, but they may be onto something viral.  It may be funny to post one of these up in an office or dorm room.  I’ll bet a lot of students would want one of these to show off how many friends they have, because after all, it will display 551 random friends (I guess they needed that 1 extra friend to make the poster complete) .  If you don’t have that many, your friends will be repeated on the print.  When you jump onto your website and browse around you’ll notice some sense of humor, like the last question on their FAQ page:

Is 40 lbs. too heavy for a dog?

Although that certainly is a frequently asked question, it has nothing to do with posters, so we do not feel qualified to answer. But wait, let us google that for you.

Ok, enough about the website, what kind of printing is available for your Facebook Friend’s Wall Posters?

facebook wall postersFacebook Wall Poster

All of your Facebook friends printed in one place. On your real world wall. Perfect for your dorm or any room that needs more friends.  You can get this one printed in a large 22″ x 34″ sheet with free shipping.

Facebook Locker Poster

Get a Facebook wall poster for your locker in a standard 10″ x 58″ size.  You can also cut the poster if necessary. .  (I think this would only work if you haven’t reached highschool yet. )

Custom Facebook Wall Poster

Let them know what type of custom solution you are looking for and they may be able to make it for you.  Like a cool tradeshow Facebook poster or banner?

I know it may sound outrageous and their stock images look like they’re from 1990 but there’s a chance that these poster’s may catch on, I think in part because they are so silly people may want them as a joke.  What do you think, will posters for your Facebook friends stick with anyone?


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