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Social Media tips for an Outstanding Facebook Page

Facebook has been the most potent form of social communication for the last few years. More and more people as well as organizations are embracing the trend just as the social networking website is continually improving upon itself. You are less likely to have a happening social life unless you have a happening Facebook life. Some interviewers are even checking up on the status of your Facebook page before they hire you. Therefore, it is imperative that you have an outstanding Facebook Page to keep your family, friends and strangers visiting your profile impressed.

1. Use appropriate images

Your Facebook Page has to be striking at first click. People are more likely to be captured by the image than the text that features on your page. Therefore, be sure to use an image that is not only appropriate to your page, but also striking. Make it clear and make it tell its own story. Avoid using mind boggling graphics, bleak colors or pictures that have too much going on. A simple, realistic photograph is likely to speak more.

2. Use crisp text

The more you write, the less you are likely to have people read what you write. Writing on your Facebook page is not like writing an essay. First, you must provide a brief outline of what your page is about. Make sure it includes some catch-phrases. You must really work on your copy writing skills to get this right. The rest of the text should just include the required details in a neat, concise fashion.

3. Linking your Facebook page

Whenever you write wall posts, status updates and comments; include your link along with your signature on other websites, blogs and anywhere else where you yourself make your presence felt.

4. Get your Facebook friends to spread the word

Your Facebook friends should ideally ‘like’ your page and actively participate in it. Get them to forward the cause by promoting and providing the link to your friends. Request them to include the link in their networking activity (blogs, websites, forums etc), it would be even better.

5. Allow your Facebook page to grow

You may be the creator and manager, but the reason, why Facebook is popular, is because it is democratic. Encourage people to share their opinions and experiences. Keep adding pictures, videos and external links to keep your page fresh, rich and running. Without cluttering your page, you have to ensure it is current and active.

Facebook has been responsible for most changes and events globally. Whether it plays a small part or a large one, Facebook has transformed from being just another social networking website, to one that is responsible for changing and reflecting on society. Communication has extended from social meals, phone calls and letters to giving highest priority to Facebook activity. Your Facebook page is your key to a successful professional and personal life.

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