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Apple Ditches Google Maps for New Apple Maps Application

iphone ios 6 map issues

Apple’s introduction to the IOS 6 completely changed the way you use GPS.  At first glance, you’ll notice slightly bigger icons, along with turn-by-turn signs that are a lot more helpful than the older, Google map application where you didn’t have any easy to read notification of your next turn.  The downside to the new IOS 6 map app is that it doesn’t actually move to the next turn unless you click on the location arrow at the bottom left corner.  At least, that’s the way it was functioning when I was using it.  Maybe it was because it couldn’t refresh my location where I was?  I’m not sure, but overall I would say the new map for the iPhone is much better than the older Google maps application.  I’ll have to continue to use it and test to see if I actually like it, but so far so good!

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