New Samsung Chromebook Has 3G For When There is No Wi-Fi

samsung chromebookThe new Samsung Chromebook was released.  It’s a very nice looking laptop, almost Macbook-like to me.  The coolest part about this Chromebook is that it is available in a Wi-Fi only model for $250 or a 3G version for $329.99.  The 3G version is unique since it’s the first laptop to have 3G already built in. While your away from Wi-Fi and have ot send that important email, or check your Facebook page :-? , you’ll be able to connect!  Of course there is one downside, Samsung will require a plan for 3G access.  Hopefully one day all wireless computers and devices will have a 3G option that is free like wi-fi.  Who knows?  Regardless, this is a step forward for connectivity.



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