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Clear Your Facebook Search History

We knew Facebook was keeping track of our searches and activity all along.  It was only a matter of time before they presented us with a visual of that information.  You can now see everything you’ve searched for on Facebook in your activity log.  It’s actually quite shocking when you first see it because you’re not expecting them to actually have it show up.   Facebook uses the searches to change your Facebook experience by showing more relevant results. The good part is that you are the only one who can see it.  The bad part is, it could be weird or creepy if your girlfriend sees what you’ve searched for!

Here are a few steps on how to remove your Facebook Search history via your activity log.


  1. Go to your Facebook profile > click on “activity log”
  2. Select “search” from your activity dropdown menu
  3. You can searches individually by clicking the icon to the right of the lock
  4. You can clear all FB searches by clicking on the “clear searches” at the top of the page
  5. Your searches will now be cleared, however FB will warn you that it will impact your search experience, but it’s not really that important since you want to clear the searches anyway.

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