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You can now use hashtags on Facebook


Its been late coming, but finally facebook hashtags are now clickable! The social site which has been a social hub for billions of users all over the world had not but recently given a chance for the usage of these special characters unlike its competitors in the market; twitter, instagram, Pinterst and Tumblr.

Hashtags In Facebook mean that users are able to discover trending topics globally and share in the experience having fun while at it! The most thrilling part is that anyone can start a topic and others can join in. Most importantly, users are able to participate in global conversations intended to spread world peace through the sharing of different cultures.
In order to make a long lasting impact, the new hashtag integration is able to allow users to search for specific hashtags regardless of the site. This means that hashtags from sites such as Instagram can be viewed by Facebook users and also they can compose direct posts from the search field and hashtag feed.

For the businesses that are fond of marketing and advertising through the social media, the introduction of the clickable hashtag is a dream come true. Most of the businesses found it hard to not only advertise their products, but also to follow up on positive and negative reviews which are important in knowing what people are interested in and more so in real time. With the hashtags, the companies are now able to improve the value and reachability of the goods or service that is being offered.

Facebook statement on the functionality of the hashtags has been able to appreciate the need of sharing global topics and participation in public conversations among its billions of users. The company has promised to release more exciting features which are insights into the world of public conversations.

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