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Caylee Anthony’s Grandparents Yard Sale

caylee-anthony-yard-saleCaylee Anthony was 2 years when she was murdered. She was the daughter of Casey Anthony her mother but her father was unknown. Anthony’s body was found near the family’s home in a wooden area. The mother was charged with her murder but was found by the court not guilty. The general public was outraged with the decision of the court of releasing her. Since the end of trial, Caylee’s mother has been hiding because she has a debt of $800,000. Although she was not found guilty of murder, she was found guilty of giving the police false information. It has been reported that she has filed a bankruptcy proceedings.

Before her death Caylee Anthony had some belongings which were left in the hands of her grandparents Cindy Anthony and George. The belongings include clothing’s, jewelry and toys. It has been reported that you can find Caylee Anthonys Belongings Sold In Yard Sale by Grandparents in mount Dora, Florida. According to Christina Warner, the sales were conducted at Caylee’s grandparent’s home. Items belonging to Casey Anthony were also among those that were being sold according to Christina. She found Caylee’s grandparents to be friendly although she found it uncomfortable to deal with them because there were times they would get into little arguments.

A video was released by Werner to prove that Caylee Anthony’s belongings were being sold in a yard by her grandparents. She says that she bought many purses belonging to Casey and that Cindy was not happy with George because of the discount he gave her for the items. The Anthony’s have been through a lot of problems since the murder of Caylee Anthony. The Anthony’s family has been ranked among those that are the most hated in the world. In fact, there are those who are not happy with the fact that Caylee Anthony’s grandparents are selling her belongings in public.

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What should they do with them? And why are they still be punished for what there daughter. Why should the Anthony’s suffer anymore, they’ve already lost there granddaughter by the hands of their daughter. Let these people be..

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