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Sharknado Movie on Twitter Home Run; A Movie where Fear Meets Fun

sharknado-movie-twitterThousands of tweets per minute for a premiere is rare or can be extraordinary. And Sharknado’s premiere reaches its home run on Twitter. Starred by Tara Reid and Ian Ziering, this newest animal-disaster movie has reached for more than five thousands tweets in each minute. There are some movies alike and we have seen such animal attacks on those movies in 80’s to 90’s. Yet, Sharknado’s line of plot is heart pumping. Be ready to see hundreds of sharks attacking Los Angeles because of a tornado.

Sharknado movie on Twitter home run turns out to be the main headlines on many entertainment mags and leading newspapers in the United States. SyFy is actually airing this television movie and it turns out to be a huge success. No other film can take tweets by storm, right after its premiere. Sharknado’s actors tweeted about this premiere and it seems that there will still be thousands of tweets show up till tonight.

It is Anthony C. Ferrante, who is the brainchild of this sci-fi movie, highlights on a storm in the LA, leading those killer sharks to attack the dense population of the city. This movie grabs attention from the first to the last minute, thanks to the thrilling effect of the tornado and shark attacks.
Criticisms are always there for almost all movie premieres. Despite of Sharknado movie on Twitter home run, there are still comments that describe this as a silly, common beast-attack movie with monotonous plot line. Well, people have different point of views. Sharknado has proven very well in grabbing attention through thousands of tweets in one night.

There is also a high rate of reviews from viewers in which most of them are impressed with the roller-coaster shocking scenes. Its special effects are also special where nobody should miss the scenes when those flesh-eating killers came flying at those main actors.

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