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Instagram CEO plans to grow bigger Facebook

instagram-outgrow-facebookInstagram, which was acquired by Facebook in 2012, has set some ambitious targets for itself in the coming years. During the course of his interview with a digital portal, Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom has outlined the plan for his group within Facebook. Instagram CEO thinks Instagram could actually outgrow Facebook in the coming years. The rapid growth in the number of Instagram users has given this confidence to Instagram CEO. After merging with Facebook, the number of Instagram users has actually tripled in the last one year. Systrom feels the number of registered users with the photo sharing app would even more grow in the coming year and can very well overtake the number of users of Facebook.

Kevin Systrom is also aware of the challenges that lie ahead in terms of overtaking the number of registered Facebook users. At present, the number of Facebook users is eight times the number of Instagram users. Instagram CEO also accepts that it’s not possible to overtake the number of Facebook users in the immediate future. But Systrom is very optimistic about the Instagram growth prospects and predicts that Instagram would have the maximum number of registered users in the social networking community within the next two to three years. Systrom also acknowledged the hard work that lies in front of their group within Facebook. Many analysts in the social networking space are intrigued by the manner in which Instagram CEO is trying to take on their parent company. It’s going to be a great challenge for the Instagram group as there are newer photo sharing mobile applications such as Vine coming in to the market place. Instagram not only has to come up with newer features to beat the competition provided by Vine and similar such players, but also has to look at increasing their user base dramatically. With Newer players emerging in this dynamic market place, Instagram has to shift in to top gear to reach the set target.

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