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You Can Now Rent Original Arcade Games for a Monthly Fee

rent arcade monthlyCalifornians are in for really good news; you can now rent original arcade games. Yeah, almost like a Netflix subscription!  You can now have an arcade rental subscription for just $75 a month.  The buzz is up that the gaming San Fransisco Brothers have launched the subscription service, aiming to alleviate the suffering of those still reeling from the Pac – Man fever. The price is even more amazing; with the All You Can Arcade owners giving competitive rates: you can now rent original arcade games in California for $75 a month.

Seth and Timothy Peterson have been operating the business for quite a while, and are planning to use “old – school economics” to see it to the success of the venture. The games come in an assortment of choices. Some popular picks are ‘Ms. Pac Man’, ‘Tron’ and ‘Donkey – Kong’. These games are rented out cheaply because of the Brothers’ strategy of refurbishing the machines to their former glory beforehand.

The offers are the most attractive, even by the standards of other popular sites like Craigslist and the bidding site, eBay; or even other internet forums. Moreover, the games are always set to ‘Free Play’ – hence no need for going around with the quarters usually needed for a single play.

The Petersons have been collecting and renovating vintage game cabinets, paying an average of around $200. They say they have developed a knack of getting the games real quick, taking them home and readying them for their customers. Operating across California, they are planning to open up operations in the entire East Coast, by the end of the year.

With most gaming devices now digitized into high definition, bulky games with need for internet connectivity, the arcade scene has seen a nostalgic revisit. This is true, especially for the die – hard fans of zapping the pixel – concentrate aliens from other dimensions, and other basic but really intelligent games. The fact that you can now rent original arcade games in California for $75 a month is really a huge relief.

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