iPhone Technology

The Evolution of Apple’s iOS

The iPhone is continually evolving to a more efficient phone after each release.  Some releases may not have had too many differences, but what I like best about Apple is how they don’t change too much at once.  They keep man features people love and tweak them into something better.  Some users are frustrated because the new iPhone didn’t have a bigger screen and other features that were scattered across the internet, but do we really need a bigger screen?  After using my phone with the recent IOS 7 update, I like my iPhone 5 more than ever, small screen or not.  Here are is an animated GIF that shows the evolution of the iPhone home screen.  It’s tough to see it because if moves kind of fast, but it’s cool nonetheless.

A new GIF uploaded by Redditor Cer0zer0 captures just how the look and feel of the iPhone home screen has evolved. (The GIF is made from images from Cult of Mac.)


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