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The Voice of Siri, Says It’s Creepy Hearing Her Voice {Video}


Susan Bennett recorded voiceovers eight years ago for a client and had no idea what would happen with her voiceovers after that. Now her voice is one of the most recognizable voices in the world, broadcasted on every iPhone.

“The Siri voices were recorded in 2005 in the month of July, four hours a day for the whole month,” Bennett told CNN. “When I recorded those voices, I had absolutely no idea where they would end up.”

It wasn’t until a friend purchased a new iPhone in 2011 — the first iteration to include the Siri voice — that Bennett discovered Apple had selected her voice.

“When I first discovered it was my voice … to be honest, it was a little creepy,” she said in the interview. “This little thing that you can interact with in your hands took awhile for me to get used to, but she and I are friends now.”

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