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20 Really Interesting Facts About Technology

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Technology plays a vital role in not only making our lives better, but also strongly contributes to the rising economy and sustainability of countries all around the world. There are certain facts about some specific technologies that can really thrill you. Here is a compilation of over a dozen really interesting facts about technology:

  1. The maximum height of a balloon flight has been approximately 128,097 feet which counts over 23 miles above the sea level. This flight was done by an Austrian native, Felix Baumgartner. The balloon was filled with helium gas and hanging from a capsule in which Felix sat.
  2. A sound of a bull whip creates a sonic boom that is the actual reason of creating the crack of the whip. Bull whip is also considered to be the very first manmade object to break the sound barrier.
  3. Have you ever wondered how fast we move? Our earth revolves around the sun about 67,000 miles per hour every day and night!
  4. The windmills all around the world move anti-clockwise except the only ones in Ireland where they move clockwise.
  5. If you collapse an underwater bubble with a sound wave, light is produced, and nobody knows why. It’s a phenomenon called sonoluminescence. Sonoluminescence is a physical occurrence by which sound turns into light. Scientists have been trying for 70 years to explain it, but have had no success. No one has managed to explain how a bubble of air in water can focus sound to cause light, but it happens.
  6. Start counting spell like one, two, three and up to thousand when you will first encounter with a letter “a”, in the U.S numeric system.
  7. Most of the people think that Thomas Edison is the one who invent the light bulb. Well, actually not. Thomas Edison just applied improvements to the already invented electric lamps to make them more practical, useable and claimed it through his Edison Electric Light Company.
  8. Wooden swim fins were first invented by the great Benjamin Franklin in 1717 and was placed in the International Swimming Hall of Fame. They were worn in the hands and helped swimmers to swim faster.
  9.  The first ever photographic camera took around eight hours to shoot a picture and during which the person had to remain in the pose. Say cheese!
  10. The silicone watch oil costs around $3,100 per gallon, it is used in the clocks and wrist watches by the jewelers.
  11. The ageing process in the brain cells has been reserved by the bio scientists. They effectively induce these ageing cells to revert back to the neural stem cells.
  12. The human insulin was the first drug in biotechnology which was approved by the FDA. It was created by Genentech in 1982 and intended to cure diabetes.
  13. In the United States, the amount of steel utilized to make bottle caps are more than it is used in the manufacture of car bodies.
  14. In the creation of one computer and monitor, it takes about 540 lbs of fossil fuel, 1.5 tons of water, and 48 lbs of chemicals.
  15. Nothing can dissolve a diamond, not even any acid, except the intense heat.
  16. The first person to win two Noble Prizes for Science was a female scientist named, Marie Curie.
  17. The amount of energy released by three Space Shuttle engines is equal to the result of 23 Hoover Dams.
  18. The first ever mobile phone call was made by Motorola’s Martin Cooper in 1973 which he made to his competitor informing them about that he has got here first.
  19. England has got the world’s longest train station which spreads about 600 meters, approximately as the size of 6 football stadiums.
  20. The Fiber Optic Link Around The Globe (FLAG) is the longest phone cable. It has the length up to 16,800 miles and has the capacity to make 600,000 calls simultaneously.


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