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Gary Lineker Tweets about mother’s stolen car, offers reward

We all love Gary Lineker right? The eye catching Match of The Day presenter is known for his funny and remarkably accurate analysis of the beautiful game as well as bags of hilarious and entertaining tweets he shares with us regularly. The former England striker has over 2 million followers in twitter and is one of the most followed football pundits around. However he recently used the social network to post about a car theft that deprived his mother of her beloved Vauxhall Corsa while she was undergoing dialysis in Leicester. He posted four tweets regarding it which are as follows:

twitter four twitter one twitter three twitter two

All these Gary Lineker’s posts point to the fact that he sees himself as a family man (or wants others to see that who knows? lol) but anyway the stolen car and the tweets are in our focus right now. The car was cheap we know but as we come to know in the second tweet that there were many necessary possessions of his elderly mother Margaret in there and she was also moving home so many of her possessions were also stolen along with the car. Maybe her things might have been personal, customized and difficult to replace so Gary Lineker opted to use his favorite Twitter account to ask the public for its help in recovering the car and the belongings with it from the thief whom he called “rotter”.

As our dear Gary Lineker is a popular figure so a large number of re tweets started flying around with so many people eager to help (most perhaps too eager) it was difficult for Mr. Lineker to distinguish actual helping information from the rest of the gibberish so he tweeted again about it and asked his followers to contact the police with the information too and thanked them for their support. But the situation was still a hot topic because of the fact that the car in question was a frugal Vauxhall Corsa and there were many jokes tweeted about this and they caught Mr. Lineker’s attention. He tweeted again to clarify this (or maybe tried to try play down the fact that he could provide better cars for his mother?) this time thanking again all the followers for their support and he managed to come up with a joke regarding the Corsa by saying his mother was well into her 70s that’s why it was “just a Corsa”. It’s Typical Gary right?

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