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Pinterest Spices Up The Holiday Season [Infographic]

Market Research Company Lab42 released its recent research revealing quite extraordinary results from its findings. It says that 92% of the Pinterest users claim that their holidays are less worrying with popular social media. Further facts reveal that 27% of people are in the favor of claim that Pinterest style websites make the holidays very easy negating any stress on the mind.  These facts are enough to show the addiction of Pinterest among a large mob of people.

The difference in percentages in interest of people in Pinterest and other social media like Facebook and Twitter is simply remarkable. It shows that Pinterest forum is quite attractive as compared to other social media websites.

Pinterest offers tremendous ideas for holidays as follows

  • Holidays and Events
  • DIY and Crafts
  • Food and Drink

The most obvious reason for using Pinterest heavily is to gain novel ideas about the holidays. Around 83% of Pinterest users are sharing recipes while 74% are involved in receiving great ideas for amazing gifts.

Analysis in the light of statistics clearly shows that Pinterest has changed life of 94% of their users in the realm of holiday preparation. The traffic count on Pinterest is quite large in the holiday seasons. More than half of the users visit Pinterest during the holiday seasons of November and December while majority among these stay for a long periods of time once logged in.

Large number of people visits Pinterest during holidays to be aware of the latest fashions and items in the market. During November and December, the companies increase their marketing efforts in social media websites to promote their sales. A number of brands is introduced to catch the attention of people. Pinterest offers information about all these latest offers like cooking and baking, gifts, clothes and décor etc.


Around 20% of the social media uses tend to spend more money in holidays than usual working days. Among these, 59% said that they have purchased some items based on the Ad presented on the Pinterest. 15% of Pinterest users claimed that they tend to spend less money in November and December since DIY projects are cheaper than original products. Around 66% of Pinterest users are of the point of view that holidays don’t affect their spending a great deal.

The aforementioned results are extracted from the survey carried out on 500 Pinterest users of above 18 age in United States in November 2013.

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