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Twitter Takes Action Against Spying On Its Users

During an interview, the Twitter Inc said that they have implemented some strategies to overcome the secret spying polices of government on social media users. They have asked other web companies to mitigate the spying of users by government’s secret intelligence agencies by using similar strategies as theirs.

The online messaging service, based on scrambling communication has revealed that they have been using traditional HTTPs protocols for providing web services ever since they have started scrambling services. They have now provided more secure HTTPs communication by adding an advanced layer of ‘forward secrecy’ on basic protocol. This innovative approach will thwart the government agencies to spy on users.

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Twitter was perceivably the first company to be serviced completely over the HTTPs protocol. Since then they have realized the importance of privacy of users and need of implementing strong algorithms for secure encryption to avoid spying on internet communication.

Former spy agent of US, Edward Snowden, revealed about the widespread government programs about spying on internet users. The US government is planning to have some secret internet surveillance programs. To avoid inconvenience for users and for preventing leakage of private information, internet companies have started to strengthen their security measures for spying. They have started using advanced encryption techniques for convenience of users. ‘Forward Secrecy’ is advanced version of HTTPs will be eradicate the attempts for intelligence work against common public.

Microsoft, Facebook Inc, Google Inc and Yahoo Inc have complained against the government efforts to prevent them for disclosing data collection services. Some internet technologies have introduced novel privacy technologies to save data of users. Internet is the world for research and people have complete right over their privacy so must be provided with strong internet security.

There is one potential weakness in standard HTTPs protocol. It was very easily possible to descramble the data if spies are able to get the single private key. Now there are more than one private key, different for each session so that data is not decrypted with just one key. It is the best strategy to protect the internet customers from intelligence efforts of government. Since the development of ‘Forward Secrecy’, people feel secured from external threats that their private data is getting leaked off somewhere. They are showing more confidence on sharing messages on various internet forums.


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