Top Gun’ Is Now the Pentagon’s Highest-Ranking Woman

Christine Fox is the acting deputy defense secretary. This makes Fox, a civilian analyst, the highest-ranking woman at the Pentagon. In fact, she is now the highest-ranking woman ever at the Department of Defense. Fox steps into the shoes of Ashton Carter who steps down on Wednesday, the 4th of December 2013.

It is important to note that Christine Fox is the woman who inspired the film “Top Gun”. One of the main characters in the film, Charlotte Blackwood, revolves around the personality, work and character of Christine Fox. Actually, Fox helped Kelly McGillis who plays the role of Charlotte Blackwood to prepare for the role. Her insights into maritime and air defense were key to the success of the film. “Top Gun” grossed more than three hundred and fifty three million dollars at the box office. It is to date one of the most successful films ever produced by Paramount Pictures.

However, her work captured the attention of Washington not her pivotal role in the film. Christine Fox is the former president of the Center for Naval Analysis. She was also the Director of Cost Controls at the Pentagon. She left the Pentagon to pursue some academic work but she remained a consultant to the Ashton Carter, the man she is set to replace. In this case, her consultancy work was unpaid.

Many Pentagon analysts and even some officials at the Pentagon are optimistic about her appointment. They view her as a competent and able person who will surely take the Department of Defense to even greater heights. However, her appointment is not yet secure. She still has to await nomination and subsequent confirmation by the Senate.

The Defense Secretary, Chuck Hagel made the announcement of Christine Fox’s new appointment as the acting deputy defense secretary. It is also important to note that Christine will automatically become Chuck Hagel’s top deputy in case the appointment sails through the Senate and becomes permanent.

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