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4 Ways Social Media is Changing How People Travel Around the Globe

For both seasoned world travelers and those just tinkering with the idea of international exploration, social media can play a big role in the planning of any trip, helping them settle on a destination and decide what to do when they get there. You may be wondering how in the world an online network could have such an impact. Read on to find four ways it does it.

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Ideas Galore

When hunger for a getaway strikes, many sources are ready to give advice on where to go. More and more people turn to social media for their inspiration. Social media lets real, relatable people tell stories of things they see and places they go while on vacation. One infographic shows that among travelers “52 percent use social media for summer vacation inspiration.”

The inspiration goes beyond general destination ideas, however. Seeing where friends travel, where they stay, what they do, and the restaurants they dine in can have a major impact on what happens during a vacation.

Friendly Advice

When the vacation planning progresses beyond the initial ideas, social media remains a go-to source. Social media apps geared specifically toward travelers are helping people finding the coolest spots and avoid things that aren’t worth their time.

Gogobot is a prime example of how social media is changing the way people travel. It uses a person’s Facebook and Twitter accounts to send queries to friends and Gogobot members. It makes it easier for travelers to get specific info about their trips, like what they should wear in a certain area or how to deal with pushy street vendors in Asia. Tripbirds and Twigmore are also social media sites aimed at getting good advice to travelers.

The Right Deals

Most people want to stretch every dollar while they’re on vacation, but they don’t want to sacrifice fun for something that only looks like a good deal. One infographic at shows that “70 percent of global consumers say online consumer reviews are the second most trusted form of advertising.”

Connecting with hotels, airlines, and car rental agencies online is a path to saving money. One article at brings out that “Savvy travel companies monitor the social media buzz…” and this gives them an opportunity to reward customers with special deals and over-the-top customer service. Hence, following such companies helps consumers to score a host of deals such as hotels, restaurants, car rentals and more!


Social media does more for travelers than help them plan and save money. The dominance of social media means that while on vacation, it’s easier for people to stay in touch with what is going on at home. They can go farther and do more without paying outrageous amounts of money to place international calls.

Of course, they can also share their vacation experiences, filling their social media space with pictures and experiences. The infographic mentioned in the previous section shows that about 3 out of 4 people post vacation photos to a social network. They’re also likely to share hotel and restaurant reviews, growing the social media travel buzz.

The world is huge, but social media is making it smaller and more accessible as people share travel tips and deals. It’s a resource that no savvy traveler should overlook.

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