The Pinterest Website Seems to be Down!

Is the Pinterest website down for you?  I just tried to go to it and the screen is blank, white.  I checked on and it confirmed the website was down.  Hopefully they fix this soon. Pinterest seems to always have constant issues with their servers.  It was worse when they first started getting big.  At this point you would have though they could figure out how to minimize downtime, right?


  • Liz

    Thank goodness, I thought my job blocked the website for a second!

    • Lol, that would really suck!

    • LX

      I thought the exact same thing :)

    • StereoCultureSociety

      Ha! Same here. Was gonna be pissed! :)

  • Kenny

    I might have a wife to talk to now!!!!!!

    • teacookies

      Haha! Good one. Are YOU the culprit??

    • i like the way you think kenny

  • Mikki Shull

    Down here as well…nyc

  • Zen

    They have had security issues recently with accounts being hacked, perhaps that has something to do with it, knittingfool is also down, so who knows what is going on.

  • teacookies

    OMG! I need access to my smoothie recipes. I knew I should have found a backup recipe site. Down in Galveston, Tx. at 3:40 CST

    • @teacookies:disqus yes, smoothie recipes are extremely important. You don’t want to lose access to those! Seems like it’s up again though!

      • teacookies

        Well it is when you are on a smoothie diet thank you very much! They aren’t ordinary smoothies. Yes it is back!

  • Seems like everything is back to normal everyone. Wheeew I wonder what it was?

    • teacookies

      That guy that wanted to talk to his wife. LOL

  • I thought my ISP blocked Pinterest too

  • smellsey

    I tried to pin this article, but Pinterest is down.