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What social media trends will make a difference in 2015?

Social media is starting to make a lot of buzz for individuals, brands, companies and organizations. It is one of the greatest tools to use when communicating “one-to-many” and the results are extremely measurable. When it comes to the following year, there are a lot of things that are foreseeable to change. Besides web design changes, these trends have to be remembered!

Paid Ads

We have reached a point where consumers crave for content and they have developed the ability to filter information. In a world where information is everywhere, the individual chooses what to see and when to see it. Companies that invest in paid ads have successfully showed an increase in sales and profit. This leads to the idea that distribution of content is equally important as the production.  If you want to be ahead of the completion, this is the area you should invest in.

Focus On The Human Side

The companies that will promote a corporate-speak approach will start losing the attention of their customers. In 2015, marketers will tend towards a human-spear approach when creating their strategies and implementing it. Customers focus their interest towards a personal approach and engage with picture or video contend based on humor and authenticity. Customer support is something that is very important.


There has been a huge buzz around storytelling in social media, but 2015 shows promise to be the tip of the iceberg. Users react with content that can be linked with an experience in their lives. However, this is a sensitive area because the online environment makes it harder to create a real connection. Stories that have no passion are not worth telling and that is a fact.

Having a clear and simple message is really important in order to create engagement with your audience. The stories needs to be segmented in single events and communicated accordingly. A large and elaborated scenario will certainly fail to deliver.

Mobile Content

Due to the large developments that companies make in the smartphone industry, there has been a significant increase in the mobile content consumption. People are always on the go and they want to stay connected every minute of the day. Companies that have already considered developed a new digital strategy in this sector have already gained the attention of more users. If you stop for a second and look around, you will see a great number of people with their smartphones in their hands. That’s why brands need to focus their attention here as well.



Users consume videos on a regular basis and one of the primary reasons why they choose to share a particular video is because it gave them a really strong incentive. That’s the key to making a video go viral and reaching an incredible number a views in a small period of time. Information travels with the speed of light and people are aware of what happens anywhere in the world.

A brand will surely succeed in social media if they create communities around them. Staying in touch with their consumers is a guaranteed success. This is the perfect way to gain real team feedback and constantly improve products, services and deliverables.

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