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Apple Planning to Launch Search Engine To Tackle Google?

Apple never ceases to grab the opportunity to take its competitors head one. Apple has conquered the mobile space, smartphones, laptops and software. Tim Cook, the Apple’s current CEO has mentioned Google as Apple’s primary competitor in many public gathering; and we all know where Google is champion: the Search. An article on Fool has claimed that Apple might be gearing up to launch its new search engine. This speculation has been made several times before but this time, its strong and has a supportive proof.

Apple has recently posted a job opening for “Apple Search” expert. While there is quite a possibility that this job posting is for Apple’s internal search engines used in its vast repositories and connected data servers, the chance of an upcoming new project related to search cannot be ignored.

The job posting clearly states that program manager is needed to manage the back-end servers of a search program that is designed for “hundreds of millions of users”. Big Data is also listed as a preferable skill for this job.

The source added that Steve Jobs in his life clearly rejected the notion that Apple might want to tap into the search domain. Jobs said that “others”(read: Google) do it better and Apple is not deeply interested in Search space.

The source also said that the other explanation to this job posting is that Apple is going to revamp its search of devices. iPhone, Mac uses Spotlight search and other search algorithms and Apple is keen to optimize the search in devices and OS X for its users.

Google has been the search juggernaut for years. Apple cannot replace Google in search space and that is quite evident from the recent history.


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