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Apple VS Tesla: Battle of Smart Cars Begins

Apple and Tesla are in a war of words these days. A few days ago, a report surfaced in the media that Tesla has successfully taken away 150 of the top engineers from Apple. Apple rejected the claim and said that not a single Apple employee has gone to Tesla.

This doesn’t end here. Today, a new report has been published in which Apple has claimed that many of the Tesla employees are ‘jumping the ship’ to get hired in Apple. The company said that Apple’s projects are ‘too exciting’ for Tesla employees. Apple went on to say that Apple’s upcoming projects will make Tesla ‘run for its money’.

According to CNBC, Morningstar analysts have claimed that Apple’s main tussle with Tesla might come in the domain of connected, autonomous cars. Apple’s latest iOS updates have clear features of connected cars. It has also rolled out Car Play feature for iPhones. Tesla on the other hand is the pioneer in electric cars.

The experts think that the competition between Apple and Tesla is not to the scale of Apple VS Google wars but in future, both corporate giants might fight for consumer share in the Internet of Things domain.

Many reports have also rejected the notion which argued that Apple might be making a new smart car. The source added that mapping services and car software might be the only domain where Apple is interested. It is neither interested in making a new car nor will it be lucrative for Apple at this moment.

Brian Blair, managing director at Rosenblatt Securities thinks that the era of smart cars is upon us and Apple has spotted a huge potential in Tesla made cars, that’s why it is interested to extend this endeavors of smart cars.

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