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Facebook’s Atlas Becomes the Biggest Threat to Google Ads Business

Facebook is continuing its efforts to increase its ads revenue by imbibing more marketing and media giants on board. In a recent development, it has increased its Ads network Atlas and brought more new players on board. This is a threat to the search giant and ads juggernaut: Google.

Facebook Atlas has announced that it is now in partnership with Merkle, Mediaocean, VivaKi, Havas and launch partner Omnicom. These are the famous ads companies which can combine their efforts to make Facebook’s Atlas ads platform huge. Experts believe that Facebook has an edge over Google in terms of ads targeting. Facebook has a massive grip on user data, thanks to its mobile apps like Facebook messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp. This user data can make it outpace Google.

Facebook’s Atlas logo is “People based marketing”. This platform has a unique way of targeting the users. Atlas experts take data from Facebook and target the user with related ads on non-Facebook internet outlets like websites, emails and ecommerce websites. Atlas was started by Microsoft but Facebook bought it in 2013, shuffled its operations and strategy massively.

An article on Business Insider said that Google is under huge pressure because of Facebook’s Atlas platform. Facebook’s Atlas uses a unique phone number from the user. This helps it target the ads on any device used by the target audience. It can even tell the gender, demographics of the user who saw the ad. Google’s DoubleClick business however draws revenue through conventional impression-based means. Google is in talks with many partners to increase its hold on user data and combining the mobile and web ads marketing.

Last year, Facebook also rolled out its mobile ads network called “Facebook audience network” which helps advertisers grow their marketing campaigns in cross platform environment.




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