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Snapchat: The Biggest Threat to Facebook and Twitter

Snapchat is a famous ephemeral messaging app which has millions of users across the globe. It is mostly used by teens and millennials. A majority of experts though that Snapchat is just another messaging app and it will not be able to come even close to tech giants like Facebook, Twitter and Google. But things are quickly turning around. An article on Business Insider said that Snapchat is not just an app to share naughty photos which could get disappeared within seconds; it is more than that. Recently, a video labelled as “Snowpoclypse” got around 26 million views in a single day. This shows the potential of Snapchat. It can easily become a social media goliath in the coming months.

Snapchat’s timing feature is not the only one which has imbibed millions of users. There is a feature called ‘Snapchat Stories’ in which a user can stick short videos and photos in a single story and it can be embedded in different posts.

The source added that the major difference between Snapchat and Facebook is that people don’t have to see the stories in the timeline of the users. Snapchat users can see the stories by opening the profiles manually.

Snapchat has not started ads services yet but it can generate billions of dollars from the ads platform. Users press and hold to watch the Snapchat content; this would mean that advertisers will have the idea about when there content is being watched.

Snapchat ads, unlike Facebook and Twitter, will be opt-in, meaning that users will only see them when they like. This would mean a clean ads platform but with more results.

Snapchat can also host ads on its videos and challenge Google which is already struggling in its Youtube business.

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