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Huawaei and LG Launch Stunning Android Watches in MWC

Huawei and LG have released Android watches in the mega event Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. While both the companies have come up with extraordinary devices, Huawei’s Android Watch seems to have stolen the show. LG’s Urbane Android Wear is rolled out in two versions. The first one is the most basic version of Android Wear which has the same features as given in the Google’s Android Wear. The advanced version of LG’s Android Watch has a 4G chip and high-end features. You can make calls and send messages from it without even linking it to your smartphone.

Huawei Android Watch Features

Huawei’s Android watch is made out of Sapphire Glass. The best thing about this app is its perfect design and watch-link features. Android watches before this were awkward in shapes. People wanted something they could wear like a normal watch, having features of a smart watch. Huawei’s Android watch has 1.4-inch 400 x 400 OLED display. It is supporting 286 pixels per inch, a smart bezels ration and size.

LG Urbane Android Wear Features

On the other hand, LG’s Urbane watch has a feature which no other watch has ever supportive: LTE. LG Urbane watch is powered by LG’s own OS. The company says that it was not comfortable with Google’s OS for wearable devices as the company wants to craft the user experience completely according to the users’ needs. Google OS posed a lot of limitations.

LG watch is preloaded with health features like tracking during hiking, running, swimming and workouts. Its LTE feature will allow you to receive calls, make calls, send messages, talk in a walkie-talkie- style on the go, and much more. LG Urbane has also NFC feature using which you can pay through your watch on the shops.

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