Microsoft Finally Shutting Down Internet Explorer, Bringing a New Browser in Windows 10

Microsoft has almost confirmed that it is going to shut down its browser Internet Explorer for good. In a public event called Microsoft Convergence, the company’s marketing chief said that there is a new browser coming in Windows 10 called Project ‘Spartan’. He said that Microsoft is working on a new, improved and faster browser.

Internet Explorer is practically obsolete and irrelevant in the modern fast internet world. Google Chrome FireFox, Safari and other PC and mobile browsers have crossed Internet Explorer for years. Microsoft was persistent in its effort to improve Internet Explorer. Years after years of hard work, daily updates and feedback from users couldn’t improve Internet Explorer. The company has made a good decision by finally saying goodbye to Internet Explorer.

Internet Explorer will remain in the Windows platform for some Enterprise apps, but the primary browser for Windows 10 users will be Spartan. Chris Capossela, marketing chief of Microsoft said that the company feels that by giving a new name and feel to the browser can do wonders in the user base. But apart from aesthetics, Microsoft could garner a massive popularity with its new browser.

The internet world is yet to see a good, clean, memory efficient and fast browser. Google Chrome is a memory hog and a number of users have reported that Chrome consumes a lot of RAM. Mozilla FireFox, on the other hand is not stable, crashes and creates issues for the users.

Spartan can be a game-changer for Microsoft and open new streams of revenue.

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