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LinkedIn Launches Android App for Searching Jobs

LinkedIn has launched its Android app which will let the users search jobs easily. The professional networking platform already launched an iOS app a few months ago. The new LinkedIn Android app has a clean, fluid interface with side tabs and a few buttons. The interface is more or less than same as the iOS app.

LinkedIn also published some interesting stats with its job app launch. According to these stats, iPhone users are in majority in New York and California, whereas Android wins in states like Wisconsin, Georgia and Florida. iPhone users search a lot for jobs whereas Android users like sending invites.

LinkedIn also talked about the job field searched and applied to by the users. iPhone users are always more interested in graphics designing jobs and healthcare field whereas the Android users mostly apple for web development and programming jobs.

The new app will help the company to expand its user base across the globe as 85% if the mobile phones market is dominate by Android. People in the emerging markets use LinkedIn to search jobs and network professionally. The company is also planning to monetize with ads and other sources of revenue in the coming days.

You can download the LinkedIn app for free from the Google Play Store.

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