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Facebook Messenger App Will Become Messaging Platform for WhatsApp, Viber and other Apps

Facebook has announced that it plans to make its Facebook Messenger app a platform where other third party messaging apps and services will be able to get hosted and users will be able to enjoy services like Viber, Skype, WhatsApp, Line in one window. This is a huge news because this step could eventually grow Facebook Messenger user growth drastically, killing the user base of all other famous messaging giants.

Facebook’s revealed its plans at the Tech Crunch Disrupt event. The company wants to tackle the Asian messaging apps like WeChat and Line, which are letting its users play games, share content, share money and data in the messaging apps. Facebook will announce its plans for third party resource integration with Facebook Messenger in the upcoming F8 conference. In the start, Facebook will start letting its users share content and other data. If all goes successfully, the company will start integrating other messaging services like WhatsApp, Viber and other apps. But this would be a daunting task for the search engine giant as other messaging services will never let its user base go as a subsidiary of Facebook Messenger.

Avoiding spam will be the single most important factor in the latest services. Facebook’s Open graph algorithm made Facebook web games and services a hub of spamming. Third party apps and services published games, news and ads without the user permission. Facebook will have to be very careful while allowing third party sources into the Messenger app.

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