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Facebook Introduces Reactions Feature Instead of Dislike Button


Facebook has been hinting to launch some kind of a ‘dislike’ button since last month. It has now been announced that users on Facebook will be able to respond in more ways to a post other than only ‘liking it’. The new feature is being called ‘Reactions’ instead of ‘dislike’ because it is a pack of expressions rather than a single button, giving you the option to choose among six other emoticons added to already available ‘Like’ button.

The reason behind creating such a pack of expression is to allow people to be able to express more in accordance to the post which may not always be something to ‘Like’; e.g., a post expressing a grief or sad news. So adding only a ‘dislike’ button was not a solution and probably not what the users wanted.

The ‘expressions’ can be popped up by long pressing the ‘Like’ button. The six added expression cartoons (love,haha, Yay, Wow, Sad and Angry) are animated and the post will now give count for each of these expressions received from the friends and followers.


The update is a welcome one as users have been expecting from Facebook to give more ways to exhibit their response to posts; and by giving a range of emoticons to choose from it has rightly met the expectations.  Currently the feature has been launched only in Spain and Ireland as a test launch, which will subsequently be rolled out for everyone soon enough.


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