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Calendar Marketing – Boost Your Marketing Results

Almost every digital platform has been utilized for marketing purposes, and some even to the point of exhaustion. But the one thing on every smartphone, tablet and computer that has largely stayed untouched in terms of marketing, is the calendar.

Your calendar is not simply a tool to remind you of events and special celebrations; it’s a tool that can effectively help with your marketing efforts to boost your results and increase customer engagement. It’s ideal for a wide range of industries, and sports teams are a good example.

How can a sports team connect better with their fans, or a sports marketer identify his or her consumers accurately? Calendar marketing is the answer and the solution to marketers who are looking for an effective platform to help boost their results. Calendar marketing platforms have been utilized by sports teams, associations and colleges to convey their messages to their fans and supporters.

Connect with Fans

Marketing efforts can include reminders for upcoming games and team events, alerts for tickets going on sale, and last minute cancellations. These software solutions can even provide customized messages and individualized birthday or anniversary messages to a specific user.

This calendar marketing software works on a two-direction format — specific elements like an event schedule can be directly synchronized with a user. Events on your calendar can also serve as a starting point in which a fan or follower takes an action, like linking to a web page or purchase tickets, or share a score on social media. It’s a great way for them to interact with their favourite sports team too.

Another great benefit of calendar marketing software is that you can keep your fans updated on every event, and if there are any changes to an event, it will be synchronized to their calendars immediately. This means you effectively connect with your fans and keep them updated with the latest developments and news from the team they love.

Corporate Clients

Businesses can communicate better with their customers and colleagues by utilizing calendar marketing. It’s the perfect platform for companies who need to communicate events or promotions to their employees, while also setting team meeting reminders, social events or important business dates.

You can also choose the specific event or information that each user will have access to, putting you in complete control over your marketing efforts. You can also benefit from various dynamic software platforms, that instantly lets you move, change and update details in a user’s calendar.

You can easily drive engagement with the use of calendar marketing. You can send links for users to click on, send event details, and send important alerts to your employees or customers. It’s the perfect addition to your company’s digital marketing campaign and it’s one that will definitely provide results.

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