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How Online Reputation Management and Social Media Work For Your Online Business

There was a time when social media was a new and interactive way to connect with your customers. Now more and more savvy business owners understand that it is a tool to propel your company in the marketplace and set yourself apart from your competitors. In fact, there are very few businesses today that are not touched in some way by the impacting power of social media.

How you choose to interact on social media can determine the fate of your company, especially in terms of customer service. Let’s say, for example, a previous customer tweets about a bad experience with your company – they received your product in the mail weeks past the delivery date. The issue, however, was with the delivery company, not your brand, but this person believes it is your fault. Now it is too late – their negative tweet is now seen by your current customers as well as a whole new audience of people, and this may be the first time they ever hear about your business.

In this way, the poor experience of one person can have a negative and somewhat immediate effect on a company’s revenue.

No matter your industry, the fact is that all aspects of any social media platform must be monitored in order to control this type of situation. Online Reputation Management (ORM) is a calculated method of ensuring that a company’s reputation is maintained by carefully monitoring all avenues of social media and quickly working to address any problems that may reflect poorly on that company’s products and services.

Company Credibility in the Marketplace

Online Reputation Management is used to ensure that your brand maintains a high level of visibility and credibility on all types of platforms. These include:

  • Facebook posts
  • Tweets
  • Instagram comments
  • Forum posts
  • Blog posts
  • Yelp comments

Just to name a few. ORM professionals are able to carefully craft responses by making sure that the company’s side of the story is heard. Allowing posts to unchecked only reflects poorly on your company. The goal is to make certain that you can address poor experiences as quickly as possible, ensuring that you come across as a credible business that cares about its image in the marketplace as well as your customers.

A company must maintain a high level of integrity in order to have any lasting power in the marketplace. By addressing negativity head-on, you get the change to create a more direct and positive spin to their issues. In today’s marketplace, a company that does not monitor its position with its customers will very likely find itself losing touch with them.

By constantly being aware of the public’s changing needs, a company can keep pace with them and keep them as customers. By monitoring your digital presence on social media as a whole, you are more likely to foresee what new products or services may do well in the marketplace and what needs to be phased out.  

Telling A Story Creates Buzz

ORM not only monitors what is already out there, but produces new messages to shape how the world sees your brand. Storytelling in a social media setting allows you to have an emotional connection to the public and creates the positive “buzz” that you are looking for. By writing a series of diverse messages in the marketplace, you can become a part of the cultural vernacular.

Today, a company’s marketing campaigns are almost always split fifty-fifty between traditional media (print, television, and radio) and social media. Creating your own content is worth a great deal to a company’s bottom line and its position in the marketplace. A carefully crafted storyline, along with vibrant videos and photos, can keep your campaigns alive and well.  

Your Online Marketing Strategy

Companies like SEO Brand that specialize in Online Reputation Management are helpful in maintaining a company’s digital and social media presence. This can be important for any growing company’s profits.  

Keeping your business in a positive light takes a good amount of resources that you may not have. When you hire a specialized ORM service, you can use their capabilities to manage an online presence without worry. You also save the time and energy of having to do the management yourself and continue to stay close to your customers.

SEO Brand set themselves apart from other ORM professionals by focusing on how these concepts also work with Search Engine Optimization (SEO), or how you are found on search engines. They are known for working with companies to not only address the issues they are facing now, but creating new messages that work towards maintaining a positive and professional image for you and your brand. This is the surest way for you to keep your position in the marketplace – take a look at what they can offer you today.

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