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Different Social Media Analytics You Need for Your Business

Social analytics is a crucial tool for determining the success of your social media marketing efforts. It gives you feedback and insights from your audience which can be used to improve your brand’s image.


Social analytics can be tough when you don’t have the right social media strategy, creative content and definite timeline in promoting your campaigns. You need reliable tools for social analytics to seamlessly promote across social media platforms that are regularly used by your target market.


  1.   Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the number one tool recommended by most online marketers because of its unmatched ability to analyze web design features and point out factors that lead to conversions. It can also generate customized reports for precise presentations.

  1.   Facebook Insights

More than just insights, this tool allows you to view intelligence reports such as the number of people who saw your posts, and locations of the audience who liked your page, and even a preview similar pages that they liked.

  1.   Twitter Analytics

Twitter brilliantly classifies audience metrics such as gender, income, interests and occupation, and gives you an overview of which topics or events are trending through hashtags and the event tab.

  1.   Instagram Insights

The social analytics feature for Instagram is still in the works, yet you can get to know the interests of your new followers by following back. You can even get more details by searching for hashtags with over a million posts that will generate more follows when the particular hashtag is used.

  1.   Pinterest Analytics

When you upgrade to a business account on Pinterest, you will see what other boards or profiles your audience are interested in, so you can make better pins and boards out of those.

  1.   YouTube Analytics

With the popularity of video blogs nowadays, more and more companies are advertising on YouTube because of its powerful audience reach. YouTube Analytics gauges metrics like video popularity, the location of viewers, ad earnings, channel bounce rates and videos that have encountered errors.

  1.   Buffer

This multi-social analytics platform comes with a free plan that lets you manage updates and engagement of a one social media account. It gives online marketers a summary of how well their posts are doing.

  1.   Iconosquare

This social media analytics tool supports Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube; it shows you liked posts, comments and new followers on a weekly and monthly basis.

  1.   Sprout Social

This smart tool allows you to track individual messages from different platforms in one stream and is a preferred choice for most sales integration and team applications.

With a variety of social analytics tools available across the internet, it’s essential to read brand reviews from trusted sources that have tested the products or surveyed existing customers.

Learn more about other high ranking social analytics tools which will help you increase traffic and acquire leads that have a genuine interest for your brand.

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