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Facebook and Instagram Reported Down by Some People

The sky is falling, the sky is falling!  Well, that’s what users seem to think when an outage occurs on Facebook or Instagram.  According to Daily Mail:

  • The two Facebook-owned services have had issues since 4pm BST (11am ET)
  • The outage has caused a hilarious social media meltdown
  • Some users are shown a blank login screen, while others can’t post anything
  • It is unclear what is causing the problems and Facebook is yet to recognise them 
  • The issue appears to be widespread, with reports of outage appearing in UK, US, Brazil, Japan, India and parts of Europe
facebook and instagram are down today
I haven’t noticed much of a difference when browsing my Facebook account today and it seems find when searching Let us know in the comments if you are experiencing an outage.
facebook is up for me

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