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Revamp Your Mobile Presence With These Techniques To Better Engage Your Customers

Technology is evolving faster than most businesses can, but this also allows nimble businesses to leapfrog ahead of their competition by openly embracing changes in technology that their customers have already adopted. While it used to be enough to develop a web presence, now you need to not only tailor your presence for mobile, but to develop a clear picture of your customer engagement as well.


You see, it’s not enough that you’re able to attract customers – you need to keep them focused on the information that you’re presenting to them. Over half the traffic to websites today is coming from mobile, according to StatCounter, and that mobile traffic is fickle, with a single second lag in loading your website costing you upwards of 7% of your visitors right off the bat, and this huge when you consider the notoriously fickle internet connections that mobile customers are using. If you’re looking to improve your customer engagement and not to lose customers with your mobile marketing, then here are a few ways that you can revamp your mobile presence.


Keep Your Mobile Experience Simple

Having a simple browsing experience on a mobile device isn’t just a good design choice, it can keep more of your visitors from leaving your page before it even loads. That’s right, simpler pages load faster, because they use less resources, and this will ensure that more mobile visitors make it to your web page. On top of that, pursuing a simple design forces you to be clear about the type of experience that you want your customers to have, and to filter out a lot of the excess that you most likely didn’t need anyway.


Allow Customers To Reach You Easily

When designing for a mobile device, the best way to improve customer engagement is by including features that are targeted toward mobile users. Features such as click to call allow your website visitors or app users to press a button and immediately call your business. This is a great feature that simplifies the client experience, and it can be paired with video calling using a video chat service like to allow you to stream high-definition video and audio on any connection speed that your customers have.


Create Mobile-Only Deals and Discounts

Your mobile experience might be incredible, but you still need a way for customers to know that it exists. One of the best ways that you can do that is by leveraging the platforms you do have to incentivize your customers to frequent your business on their mobile devices. One of the best ways to do this is by offering deals and discounts that can only be found by a mobile device.


Make Your Email Marketing Mobile-Friendly

Email marketing is a great choice for any business, converting more than 40% of readers to customers, but if you’re not optimizing your email marketing message for mobile consumption, then there’s no chance of you getting the conversion numbers that you’re expecting. Most of your customers are checking their emails on mobile devices today, so it’s important that you tailor your communication with customers to the device that they are using the most.


Connect With Mobile Users On Social Media

Social media is one of the more popular applications on any user’s mobile device, and there are plenty of popular social media solutions that are solely available on mobile devices, including Snapchat as a prominent example. Connecting with your customers by sending out mobile ads and mobile-formatted links will always be appreciated by customers, and can completely change your customer engagement.


Mobile user experience is only going to get more important as desktops and large format monitors get less prevalent and less often used by the vast majority of consumers. If you’re considering revamping your mobile experience today, you’d be best served by trying out a few of the recommendations above to see what might work best for you. Are you already focused on improving your mobile customer experience? What are you trying that has worked well for you?  Let us know in the comments.

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