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5 Common Social Media Marketing Mistakes Your Business Must Avoid

Whether you run an investment management business or you’re an electrician, ensuring you avoid common marketing mistakes is vital to the success of any digital marketing campaign. Digital marketing offers many methods for small and large businesses to take advantage of when it comes to populating their products and services. One of those methods is social media marketing. Social media is the current way of marketing because of the many free benefits it provides, along with the fact it’s the best way of getting exposure. The problem some businesses have when it comes to social media marketing is that they make too many mistakes in their strategies, and it ends up costing them money. Be sure to avoid the following mistakes if you are using the same marketing ploys.

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  • Posting Blindly


The first mistake many businesses make when it comes to their first social media marketing campaign is that they don’t have a plan of action. Any marketing campaign must have a plan in place, so a business knows how to attract more customers. Posting content that doesn’t engage is pointless. You need to know what an audience wants and you can do that with a good strategy in place.


  • Building Too Many Social Media Accounts


Unless your business is serving an audience on a global scale, or it’s at least been in business for years, creating too many social accounts isn’t going to provide many benefits. We can see why smaller businesses do it, but smaller businesses need to understand it takes more time out of a day to manage multiple accounts, let alone ten or twenty.


  • Buying Fake Followers


Many businesses fall into the trap of buying fake followers because they think it’s great to have thousands of followers. While fake followers do provide the benefit of making a social media page look popular, they are a waste of time and money other than that. Fake followers are usually automated bots that do nothing apart from hover on your pages – they will not engage with anything you write so it’s a pointless service to purchase. Always grow your pages with a genuine audience and you will benefit from it later. If you need help building followers, look at


  • Bombarding Your Audience with Advertising


It’s important to stay active on social media to get more exposure and to show potential customers you are online when they need you. However, many businesses decide to post several times an hour and, ultimately, they lose followers because they advertise too much. Stay active, but leave time to cool off before posting again.


  • Poor Grammar


That’s right. Many business owners forget to proofread the content they offer their audience and that can put customers off. Be sure to proofread all content before releasing it to the public to give your business the professional look it deserves.

It’s important you plan your marketing strategies so you have the best chance of interacting with an audience that cares.

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