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Social Media. Content Marketing, and SEO: How They Have Evolved

The world of digital marketing is constantly changing leaving some once effective methods to be completely obsolete in a matter of months. For this reason there are a variety of marketing companies that offer a wide range of services. Throughout the history of SEO content marketing and social media have all been tied very closely together. The change that Google has made over the years in their ranking algorithm is heading towards higher quality content and away from spun content  as well as automated link building software. The following are how all 3 of these areas have evolved.

Content Marketing

Content marketing has been around online for quite some time but the market has become so saturated that content quality has gone up immensely. Clickbait was popular for a time but there are only so many articles of Top 5’s that people are willing to read. The use of long term studies and in-depth investigative journalism is still not dead but it does not produce as much content as is needed for some companies. New outlooks on old topics and new twists are what is dominating many blog and news pages. Content marketing is directly tied with your SEO and social media so creating great content can take care of the other two quite well. Create great content and traffic will come!


SEO in the beginning was much like the wild west with no clear path of how to do things. Two sides emerged with those using ethical tactics and those gaming the system. The days of hidden links on pages helping rankings or sites built just to post generic content are fading away. Google figured out that brands were willing to spam out thousands of pieces of content just to rank higher than the competition. Expedia was actually penalized for this immensely due to the tactics they had been using. Now Google looks for real traffic on real sites instead of paid traffic on sites made simply to generate ad revenue. Google will continue to crack the whip and marketers will continue to find ways around the new changes in the algorithm.

Social Media

Social media was once around for just that, social reasoning with every college student getting a Facebook account in the late 2000’s. While MySpace was great Facebook and its design started to overtake the other social media platform. Then Facebook came out with messenger which killed AOL Instant Messenger in a matter of months. Now social media is used to promote content on a regular basis with Google basing some rankings on the amount of social attention a certain piece of content or webpage has gotten. Social media can be used to get jobs through LinkedIn, document your life, and promote business. There are still those who wish it could just be college kids posting inappropriate stuff on each other’s walls though.

As you can see these three areas of marketing have changed immensely even in the last couple of years. It will be interesting to see how these will continue to change and what trends will emerge due to Google algorithm changes.

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