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Could Your Rehab Clinic Use a Marketing Tip? 3 Digital Marketing Tips for Rehab Clinics

Today, six in 10 rehab patients find their treatment center by searching the web.

This is why even the smallest digital marketing mistake can cost you many clients. For example, 46 percent of Americans admit they would steer clear of a rehab clinic if it didn’t have any online reviews.

That said, the right rehab marketing tip helps you avoid an otherwise expensive misstep. Let’s look at a few things you should keep in mind when putting together a digital marketing strategy for your treatment center!

1. Monitor Online Reviews to Rank High on Google

Give this a try: type in “(your city) rehab clinic” on Google and hit enter.

Consider that the first three results at the top of the page get the bulk of the clicks. Do you see your treatment center on that list?

Google My Business (GMB) reviews impact local SEO rankings more than anything else. To maximize your chances of ranking in the top three, you need to claim and optimize your GMB listing. Ensure your business details are accurate and add photos of your logo and facility.

Once you verify everything with Google, take the most important step: address the negative reviews. Reply to complaints within the first couple of days after they’re posted, and don’t forget that potential patients will read what you write.

2. Focus on Building Trust

What digital marketing strategies do the most successful treatment centers use?

Inspire Malibu, for example, not only has glowing reviews all over the internet, but they also post testimonials on their site. Plus, they build even more trust through their blog, podcast, photo tour, and staff bios.

Having a staff page on your site humanizes your business. Meanwhile, a virtual tour lets people know what to expect.

Also, potential patients want to read and hear about success stories. So give it to them via blog posts, podcasts, and testimonials.

3. Bolster Your Website’s User Experience

The experience visitors have as soon as they load up your site determines how long they stick around. In fact, one study found that sites with responsive web design experience an 8 percent greater increase in conversion rates from year to year than non-responsive sites.

To make it easier for mobile users to navigate your site, declutter your navigation bar or add a hamburger menu icon.

Want to ensure potential patients find what they’re looking for on your site? Chatbots provide a way for your site’s visitors to get immediate answers to their questions about your rehab clinic.

Making Good Use of Each Marketing Tip

There are many reasons why digital marketing spending by U.S. firms will balloon up to $120 billion over the next three years.

Compared to traditional marketing, digital marketing is inexpensive. This gives smaller businesses a better chance against larger ones. Not to mention that digital marketing allows businesses of all sizes to tweak their strategy within minutes.

Each marketing tip mentioned above will help your rehab clinic succeed. But do you want to ensure that your marketing efforts will fit within your budget? If so, be sure to look through our guide on how to save money on your digital marketing campaign!

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