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Which Social Sites are Best for Influencers?

Social media is here to stay as a place for people to keep in contact with one another and seek out their 15 minutes of fame. New sites are popping up all the time in an attempt to gain traction against the major juggernauts.

While no one knows what will take off or fail, the fact is the best sites for influencers are the major players like Facebook and Instagram. It’s never a bad idea to spend time on less popular sites, but it’s best to spend time where the returns are highest for the amount of effort you put in. Following are the best social sites for influencers.


Like it or not, Facebook is still the best place to get your message out for now. While young people are leaving the platform in large numbers, older users still make up a significant portion of the site. If you want to get the word out about a product to a younger audience via parents and relatives, you can’t go wrong with Facebook. There’s also the fact that young people are still using Facebook and an influencer has a good chance of gaining traction with that demographic via Facebook.


The selfie generation has taken to Instagram because of the opportunity to gain attention for themselves. In fact, Instagram-focused pop-up events are all the rage because visitors are more likely to spend money while using the backdrops at the event to tag themselves and show off how trendy they are by going to said event. The purely visual nature of Instagram is perfect for social influencers to gain users and fame.

Makeup brands have embraced Instagram as a place to get attention via social media influencers. Makeup artists in the fantasy and everyday wear genres have learned how to use the site to increase awareness of their style. As a result, manufacturers of makeup approach these influencers and ask them to promote their product in return for payment. Followers of the influencer watch the makeup in use, see how effective it is, and are more likely to buy the product and use it. It’s a win-win for the manufacturer and the influencer.


Twitter has its ups and downs, but it’s still a good place for influencers. The platform enables users to interact with one another directly, but without the need for personal contact of some kind. Out of this springs the opportunity to banter with a desired demographic and demonstrate that the business in question has a sense of humor or wants to engage sincerely with the customer base. While a business needs to be careful with what it says on Twitter, nothing says that edginess or snark is out of the question.

Social media influencing is not going away any time soon even though the platforms may change. Watch the trends, pay attention to what the most popular users are doing, and make your own voice get noticed among the din.

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