How to Link Instagram to Facebook: Syncing Your Social Media Accounts

With over 77 million people using Instagram and 1 billion people using Facebook per month, it would seem that these two sites are flourishing and have more influence than ever in the world of social media.

Both of these platforms serve similar purposes: to share your life with other people close to you and around the world. Some people even leverage both Facebook and Instagram to grow their business. But managing two accounts separately can be time-consuming for both busy individuals and companies.

Linking these two major social media platforms seems like a no-brainer and can save you time. Read on to discover how to link Instagram to Facebook and use your time for more important things!

Why Sync the Two Accounts

Even though some people argue that you should not link Instagram to Facebook, there are a few reasons to consider this.

If you’re an avid Instagram user, linking could get you more likes, especially since Facebook is a larger platform and has the potential to reach a wider audience. Instagram has an algorithm feed that prioritizes posts with the most likes on their News Feed.

Also, not everyone is on both Instagram and Facebook. Some could be on one while ignoring the other and vice versa.

If you run a business, saving time is essential, so this is another advantage. Besides Instagram and Facebook, an in-depth review of over 100 management tools are available to help you get the most of your business.

Lastly, everything you post transfers seamlessly from one platform to the other. Every hashtag, check-in and so forth is displayed the same in each. You can even access your Instagram posts on Facebook.

How to Link Instagram to Facebook

Six years ago, Facebook bought Instagram for a healthy 1 billion dollars. Because of this, syncing the two together has never been easier.

Before you begin, make sure that you already have set up both accounts – one for Facebook and one for Instagram. Because Instagram is a mobile app only, linking the accounts can just be done on a smartphone.

To start, open Instagram on your phone.

In the upper right-hand corner of your profile, you’ll see three lines. Tap on those, and a menu will pop up.

At the bottom, there’s a Settings option — tap Settings.

Once you’re in Settings, find Account. Tap Account.

From Account, you’ll tap Linked Accounts.

When you’re in Linked Accounts, choose Facebook. It should be at the top of the list, but if it’s not, keep scrolling until you find it.

After you tap Facebook, it will cue you to log in. Enter your login information to sign in to Facebook.

That’s it! Now your accounts are linked. Easy, right?

Linking A Page

Following this method will link your Instagram profile to your main Facebook profile. If you want to connect a Facebook Page, like a business page, the directions differ slightly.

To link a page, choose the Share To option and select the page you wish to link.

That’s it!

Thinking About Syncing?

When you’re thinking about how to link Instagram to Facebook, remember that it’s not rocket science! With just a few taps, you’ll be well on your way to sharing much more accessible.

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