9 Top Types of Digital Media Marketing for Small Businesses

Business is tough, that’s the way it is. More than 50% of small business disintegrate before their sixth birthday.

It’s a juggling act that involves sabers, torches, and bowling balls. If you fumble one, the rest of the business falls to the ground.

Most small businesses have great ideas but don’t know how to express them. They’ve invested money and time into wrong avenues and neglected marketing. 

Invest your time in reading about these 9 types of digital media marketing – they could save your business!

1. Social Media Dominates Other Types of Digital Media

Social media is so vast and so ubiquitous nowadays, it’s almost a requirement to have a social media marketing division. People’s faces are always buried in their Feed. 

Social media is an intimate experience between customers and businesses. It feels more like a casual suggestion than a blaring advertisement. 

Use social media to reach out like a buddy. Don’t use it to push agendas or critique naysayers. 

2. Content Marketing

This is your chance to get the word out about your product or service to a specific crowd. It’s a catered experience used to foster favorable opinions. 

Use your social media or blog to talk-up your product. If people are following your Twitter or Instagram, it’s likely they’re interested in the subject.

3. Search Engine Optimization

SEO isn’t as scary as it sounds. Nor is it as complicated. However, it’s wildly useful. 

It’s all about manipulating the Big Guy upstairs — Google. Their search engine is your target. Use keywords, optimized titles, and back-links to win search ranks.

The higher your business ranks in a Google search, the more free advertisement. 

4. Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing (SEM) is paid advertising space in search results. It’s a surefire way to be displayed if SEO strategies fail. 

The advertisement is often paid through a system of clicks. Each time Google or Bing conjures your ad, and people click it, the search company is paid. 

5. Influencing the Masses

People like to idolize the pretty, the rich, and the obnoxious. Or a combination of all three. 

Those people that step into the fray of social media and make themselves stars are marketing goldmines. They have so much clout with their audience, that their word is gospel.

Use these false prophets to push your product. Hire a ‘Gram “influencer,” and you just might find success.

6. Email, Not Spam

If you’ve had traffic to your website, that traffic is likely already interested. 

Use your current stream of customers to push your new line of goods. If you’ve got a subscription list, email them advertisements.

But don’t be too spam-ish. That’s a good way to lose your customers.

7. Mobile Ads

Everyone and their grandmother has a smartphone now. Don’t let that huge reach go unnoticed. Conquer the mobile marketing space.

SMS ads and in-app ads can be your bread ‘n’ butter. 

8. Affiliate Marketing

If you’ve got a blog, now is the time to use it. There’s an ocean of blogs mass-produced each day. Make use of this network through affiliation.

Partner up with other blogs and embed external links to and from your website. One connection can go a long way. 

9. Per-Click Ads

Utilize the success of popular websites. Offer to buy ad space on their website through a pay-per-click model. 

Each time a user of their site clicks your ad, you pay the host. It’s similar to SEO and SEM, but targeted at a more granular level. 

Now You’re In the Market!

Digital marketing was born out of necessity. Everyone has access to the online space and successful marketers can’t turn their nose up at that opportunity. 

If you want to find success, focus on these nine types of digital media marketing. 

Social media, influencer marketing, and content marketing go hand-in-hand. SEO, SEM, affiliate linking, and pay-per-click marketing are great for utilizing other’s traffic. Using contact information to send ads through email and SMS texts is another effective approach. 

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