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9 Alternatives to Facebook Ads You Need to Try

The change social media has had on the face of the internet is hard to take in completely. There are very few square inches of the internet that is not synced or working alongside the social media powerhouses. 

Business has been the biggest attachment to this idea. Making money with Facebook ads has become a long-standing foundation of internet business, but there are alternatives.

With many people becoming disillusioned with Facebook, it is time to see what else can work. 

The 9 Alternatives to Making Money with Facebook Ads

Facebook was once the one and only juggernaut in the social media market. While the platform is far from going under, it no longer has a perfect position at the top.

Add to that more and more people are moving away from Facebook. Between data skimming, advertisements, and policy changes, people are uncertain about the social media juggernaut. Some are even looking at how to delete Facebook.

That leaves a large hole or high traffic space on the internet and these 9 websites are eager to fill that void. Some have made the big moves forward in popularity and use already. 

1. Reddit

Reddit has been a constant source of growth in the area of news and social interaction. Now it has perched itself as a bastion of community-driven social media.

With millions of unique visitors all the time, Reddit has the population. With its system of specific sub-Reddit communities, it has a niche focus that can help with pinpoint marketing.

With the cherry on top of being cheaper than Facebook for its marketing, Reddit is prime real estate for the internet advertiser.  

2. Product Hunt

Product Hunt is a product review website. What brings out its impact isn’t what it does, but who does it.

Product Hunt’s 300,000 members measure as some of the biggest influencers on the internet. Interacting with even one of Product Hunt’s influencers could connect you to thousands of followers.

With a focus on review, a quality product has most of its advertising done by the community base on the website. 

3. Google Ads

Google has been a titan of the internet for well over a decade. As such, it has the resources and name recognition to get whatever clout it needs to so that it can have whatever influence it needs to have. 

Google has high customer return values, fast results, works in multiple levels of budget, and is easy to measure your results and progress.

Google itself is less of a social media platform than Facebook, but its connections to the internet are as deep if not deeper. Its systems form the backbone of SEO and its tools form essential pieces of advertising.

If you need one big, reliable tool, Google Ads is a good option. 

4. Twitter

The creator of the short and sweet social media posts, Twitter has become the fast and furious maelstrom of social media activity.

With better features for links and branding showcases, Twitter is one of the best places on the internet to sculpt a brand. With these features, advertising hubs are born and the interconnected nature of the internet starts to shine in your favor. 

With the right understanding of analytics and proper follower conversations, you can build a spotlight for yourself and your brand.

5. LinkedIn

Considered the professional and business side of social media, LinkedIn is one of the largest social media platforms on the internet. The only reason it hasn’t made as big of a mainstream impact is its focus.

What the focus does do is give you a hardline stream to direct contact with businesses you can sell to.

There are thousands of businesses out on LinkedIn and they are eager to find the best product or employee to help them get ahead. This is a ripe field for positive business to business advertising. 

6. Pinterest

On the other scale of things, Pinterest is a more artistic collection of people’s wants, interests, and social ideas. It is a heavy platform for online shopping and is often an untapped mine for business advertising. 

The platform leans heavy on the side of women and content creators. If you are up for handling these two categories, Pinterest is a strong platform for you. 

Many businesses skip Pinterest because they feel it has to niche of an appeal, but that niche is a large portion of several markets. 

7. StumbleUpon

StumbleUpon is unique in the social media crowd in that its design hinges around targeted marketing media. StumbleUpon allows you to track various demographics and drive traffic with no clicks at all. 

For pure powerful metrics into online traffic and base advertisement, StumbleUpon is a potent tool. 

8. Snapchat

Snapchat is the next big wave in social media. Its millions of users may quadruple in the next few years, making Snapchat the biggest source of new and exciting avenues of social media connection.

The simple service allows for quick and potent advertising. The constant back and forth chatter and postings within Snapchat allow for many avenues of advertising and social media outreach. 

From brand awareness to app installs and website traffic, you can push most anything through Snapchat. With the increase n volume, this will only grow. 

9. Quora

Quora is the new website engine that collects and distributes questions on almost any and every subject out there. With hordes of facts and fact-checkers, Quora is a growing stronghold of information that is getting more and more traffic.

Quora works a lot like Facebook, taking people’s inquiries and answers and using them as trackable data for a great number of various marketing information going forward. 

Tracking these conversations, questions, and answers also give you a goldmine of user data to further future marketing campaigns. 

Putting the Social Back in Social Media

With a good selection of alternatives to making money with Facebook ads, you can spread out in the social media advertising platform. The internet will keep shifting, so understanding where things may fall is good insurance for the months ahead.

The other best bit of insurance is keeping up with news and upstarts in the social media infosphere. For that, we here at SMSEO have you covered!

Check out our other articles for more info on the nuances of advertising, marketing, and business in the social media age. 

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