New Force in the Fitness Industry – Apple launches new program for an Apple Watch for the gym

A well-known company Apple is launching a brand new program called Apple Watch Connected. This program will offer its users many different tracking workouts with Apple Watch. Also, the design of the program is to allow all users better support of the GymKit once they apply.
This is a trustworthy sign that Apple is pushing more and more into areas of health and fitness. And, as we can all agree, it’s for the best. They are also striving towards improving digital services and wearable technology as well.
Simply speaking, the Apple Watch Connected is a specially designed program. It allows participating gyms to offer their users an ability to track workouts. Also, they can benefit from rewards as well.

Reward Program – Bonuses and Benefits 

It’s all pretty much summed up perfectly since all the gyms that are part of the program will offer an iOS and Apple Watch app. This will then promote into a reward program called Earn with Watch which is supports Apple Pay in all of their facilities.
Also, Apple Watch users will be able to experience all sorts of bonuses and benefits via this app. From meeting fitness goals, down to other benefits as well, users will be able to choose. A variety of bonuses await Apple Watch wearers. However, it all depends on the gym participation. 
It’s also important to mention that Apple Watch wearers are not in the obligation to work out exactly at the gym they get rewards. Any kind of exercise will be counted in a program’s fitness goals as long as the Apple Watch wearer do it. 

Not the Only One – Certainly the best One

Furthermore, Apple and its early partners were also launching the program, but on a small scale since they are not that big on the market. For example, Orangetheory is offering something similar in the two most noticeable places in New York City, Astor Place, and SoHo. Next, the YMCA is doing the same but at the St. Paul Midway location in Minnesota. It’s all coming down to a very strong conclusion, Improving Fitness and Health programs is worth it.
We can all agree that Apple is aggressively pushing into the whole fitness and health program. This is a great idea for everyone who is an Apple Watch wearer and loves fitness. This new program will change a lot in this field, it’s a guarantee.

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