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Valentine’s Day- What You Know About It

We all love to celebrate Valentine’s day, as one of our favorite holidays where we share the love we have for our partners, but also often with close friends and relatives.

However, have you ever wondered how this famous day came to be, and for what cause are we celebrating Valentine’s Day?

Simply put, February is the world’s month of love and passion with the name that originates from the St. Valentine, one of the most mysterious saints.

The Origins of Valentine’s Day

Namely, the most well-known legend regarding the St. Valentine’s day states that Saint Valentine was a priest in the time of the cruel emperor Claudius II, who has forbidden young men to have a marriage and a family to gain on the power of his army.

He stated that men without any family or loved ones will make much better soldiers for the empire, so he came up with this decision.

Valentine, a committed priest could not withstand the pain of young people in love, so he decided to organize marriages on his own, and perform it in secret.

For that cause, he was beheaded.

Other legends suppose that the greeting of Valentine’s day was written on letters that the saint sent to his loved one from prison, and that way the name of the holiday came to be.

Greetings and Cupid

The most usual presents for this Holiday are candy boxes and flowers with letters for your loved ones.

As we all see, that tradition is lasting from the early 1700s up until now with small changes in the letter forms.

Nowadays, written letters are rapidly being replaced with the already made cards for the Holiday, making this day the second largest card exchanging holidays in the world, right after Christmas.

One of the biggest symbols of Valentine’s day is Cupid, the naked cherub that is shooting arrows in directions of couples with love potential.

Cupid has his forms in a lot of cultures, and it is said that he was a good-looking god that enjoyed playing with the emotions of people by shooting them with his golden love arrows.

In Greek mythology, it is said he was named Eros, the god of love.

Many legends are surrounding the story of this special day, and it is left to us to choose the one we believe in, and find somebody to spend this beautiful holiday with.

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