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Susan B. Anthony – Women’s Rights Leader

On 15th February, 200 years ago, one of the greatest fighters for woman’s rights was born – Susan B. Anthony.

Namely, the reason for her becoming one of the leaders of woman’s rights activists was the belief that originated from her household.

She was raised to believe that every person has equal rights, and has successfully spread that belief throughout the country.

Susan B. Anthony was born in Adams, Massachusetts to a Quaker family and that was also the starting point for her many travels of fighting for equal rights.

The Journey of Susan B. Anthony

The story of Susan Brownell Anthony began with her first travels through the country while giving speeches in public about how a woman should have the right to vote, equal labor and equal pay for equal work.

On certain occasions, she was almost arrested for providing such public speeches which didn’t prevent her from continuing in fighting for woman’s rights.

She always stated how good it would be if she can live another century to see if all her work has paid out, and if women earned the rights she was always fighting for.

However, even though she didn’t live to see the change for herself, all her hard work has resulted in the creation of the Nineteenth Amendment in 1920, which enabled women to have the right to vote.

The founding of the National Woman Suffrage Association

As we all know, Susan was also the founder of the National Woman Suffrage Association, which she formed with the help of her close friend Elizabeth Cady.

Two friends were also editors of “The Revolution” newspaper where they stated their ideas and opinions with the readers.

She was a co-founder of the Equal Rights Foundation, the first foundation of that type, which she successfully lead with Elizabeth.

Susan B. Anthony continued giving public speeches until the year 1900 and has traveled through the country and spreading her belief.

All that resulted in lots of petition signatures which later on, along with the help of other woman’s rights activists helped form the rights woman have today.

She died in 1906, only 14 years before the establishment of the Nineteenth Amendment, which was in her honor titled “The Susan B. Anthony Amendment.

In most opinions, she was a true legend and hero for many since not even arresting her could prevent her from her duty.

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The photo you include in your page is not Susan B Anthony.

The Met Museum holds this photo in their collection and in the past incorrectly said it was Susan B. Anthony. But if you go to their website ( and see the Notes section, you can see it is no longer considered a photo of Susan B. Anthony.

Getty Images also says the same, the Met Museum made a mistake (

We shouldn’t have incorrect information out there about our suffragists in this anniversary year for the 19th amendment.

I would love it if you could please change the image on your article.

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