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Do you Know Sir John Tenniel? Google Doodle Surely Does

On this day, 200 years ago, one of the UK’s best cartoonists and illustrators was born, the man that contributed so much to the modern culture by bringing to life and drawing the character from Alice in Wonderland – Sir John Tenniel.

The favorite cartoonist of many was mostly a self-taught artist that did not waste any time when his career was in question.

In 1836, being just 16 years old, young John Tenniel has already submitted his first oil painting to the exhibition at the Society of British Arts.

He was much loved and respected by his colleagues, while some people disliked his desire to work on a political drawing for the Punch magazine.

Sir John Tenniel’s Work with Lewis Carroll

As we all know, Sir John Tenniel was best known for his work with the famous writer Lewis Carroll on illustrating the characters from his famous novel, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

The book with illustrations was released only a year after that faithful collaboration, and in 1865, the cartoonist started taking credits for the great done job on bringing the characters from the novel to life.

Since then, many generations have grown up watching those same drawings of the funny characters, that are specifically drown up to today.

After the great success of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, John Tenniel has continued working closely with Lewis Carroll, and in 1871, the duo made has published another interesting novel by the name Through the Looking Glass.

After the great success of these two illustrated novels, the cartoonist was given a title of knighthood, so he, later on, became Sir John Tenniel by the name we still know of him today.

After receiving a great glory from illustrating these two novels, he refused to do the job of cartoonist again for illustrated novels and has returned to work as a political cartoonist for the Punch magazine once again.

Being such a talented illustrator also brought fame to his drawing style, in which he only used a pen and a paper with the help of oil touches in some points of his drawings.

Having photographic memory was what recommended him to Lewis Carroll, and certainly is the reason for his spectacular drawings.

Up to today, Sir John Tenniel remains remembered by the new generations, since his works of art and illustrations for the novels he did will remain as a cultural wealth for many generations to come.

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