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Clare Crawley – New Bachelorette is Coming

Clare Crawley, a 38-year-old woman from Sacramento is going to be the next one to try to find love on The Bachelorette. ABC announced its next pick for the popular show where many did find their soulmate, on Monday.

Clare Crawley is a hairstylist and she appeared on the show in 2014 the first time.

Moreover, she appeared in The Bachelor, Bachelor in Paradise and also Bachelor: Winter games. Furthermore, on The Bachelor 18th season with Juan Pablo, she took second place.

Clare Crawley is the Oldest Bachelorette Ever

Clare will be 39 at the time of filming. Clare Crawley’s predecessor of the previous season of The Bachelorette, Hannah Brown, was 24 during the time of filming.

Furthermore, previous bachelors in The Bachler were in their twenties and the women of their choosings and other female contestants were also younger.

However, many fans of the show wanted someone with more emotional maturity. Clare Crawley seemed like an ideal candidate among other female candidates, of whom some were as old as Clare and some were younger.

Nevertheless, some fans complained about ABC’s next bachelorette. They said that producers made a mistake and that they don’t want to watch a bunch of middle-aged men show up and date Clare Crawley.

She is Proud of Her Age

Despite some fans call it a bad move, Clare believes her age will be an asset to the show.

Moreover, she said that her age carries a lot of experience and a lot of knowing what she wants and doesn’t want. 

Therefore, she added that she isn’t in the pursuit of a specific type of men and that she has no problem to date younger guys.

Clare Crawley, who has many satisfied clients at De Facto Salon in East Sacramento, also had a dispute with the bachelor, Juan Pablo.

After he dumped her, she told him that she would never want her children to have a father like him.

Furthermore, Clare did find love in The Batchelor Winter games in 2018 and got proposed by Benoit Beauséjour-Savard, in the finale.

However, the couple parted a few months later.

Clare also had a memorable talk with a raccoon with whom she exchanged her anger and sorrow in Bachelor in Paradise.

Nonetheless, Clare Crawley surprised us all when she announced that her profession as a hairstylist, came from a passion for connecting with people.

Moreover, Crawley said that she enjoys making people’s lives brighter and that that is her driving force.

Anyhow, it is yet to be seen what will Clare Crawley bring into the series and what interesting moments await the viewers.

With all that said, Clare is a refresher to the show and she might even direct the show on the whole different path.

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