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Coronavirus in California – Virus resulted in more Deaths

Following Tuesday, three more deaths were connected with the coronavirus, officially called COVID-19, in the United States as Coronavirus California spreads.

Supposedly, coronavirus could be far more dangerous than the seasonal flu according to the World Health Organization.

Furthermore, if we compare mortality rates of the common flu and the coronavirus in the United States, it is 0.1% as opposed to 6.4%.

Anyhow, according to scientific research, the mortality rate for COVID-19 appears to vary in terms of location and the age of an infected individual.

In that light, in Hubei Province, the core of the outbreak, the mortality rate stretched out to 6.5% compared to the other provinces of China where it was only 0.4%.

Furthermore, older people are the most vulnerable to corona as the mortality rate surges to 14.8% for those of 80 and older.

Additionally, for people aged 10 to 39, it is just 0.2% and no deaths have been reported regarding the children of 9 years and younger.

Coronavirus California has spread to five counties

The West Coast, with the focus on Northern California and Washington, reports the most cases of the corona outbreak in the United States.

Additionally, coronavirus California struck at more than five counties in the Northern region on Monday.

Furthermore, the day after, the city of Berkeley, home of the University of California, announced its first case of coronavirus California.

Namely, that individual visited a country with an outbreak and upon return, he was diagnosed with COVID-19.

Therefore, Dr. Lisa Hernandez, Berkley Health Officer, imparted that the community should be prepared for the expansion of coronavirus California.

However, according to Dr. Lisa, it is possible to take the steps to improve the level of hygiene in the community and to prepare for a wider spread of the virus.

California had already taken the measures to subdue the virus

CDC has permitted that the Californa Department of Public Health can use its emergency reserves of 21 million N-95 face masks. Those masks are intended for the medical workers who are in direct contact with patients hit with the coronavirus California.

Furthermore, California’s counties are declaring local emergencies after new infected from coronavirus California have been reported.

Therefore, Sonoma County declared an emergency after two people with the virus had been discovered.

One of the two came back from a cruise in Mexico and is now in the hospital because the case is a concern cause according to Dr. Celeste Philip.

In that light, Dr. Philip added that declaring a state of emergency is a necessary step as it will give the ability to the county to respond to the outbreak the best way.

Meanwhile, Santa Clara County reported more of coronavirus California cases. Currently, the total number of infected in this County is 11 – the most than any other counties.

However, the latest two cases in Santa Clara County are still being analyzed to determine the origins of infection.

Many of the initially reported cases of Coronavirus California have been among healtcare workers. They most likely got into contact with infected patients.

Moreover, dozens of healthcare workers in California were instructed to stay at their home because of the contact with already diagnosed patients of COVID-19.

Furthermore, Placer County informed of a positive case of the virus in a healthcare worker in Vacaille, where they had already diagnosed a patient with the virus.

Nonetheless, the future concerning Coronavirus California will unfold soon. For now, the adequate emergency measure has been taken but the virus is unpredictable.

The most important thing is to stop the panic among the people and to get them prepared for the new reality.

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