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Symptoms of COVID-19 compared to other sicknesses

Nowadays it is fairly difficult to recognize the symptoms of the new COVID-19 over symptoms of other seasonal sicknesses.

As we all know, the coronavirus spreads very fast, so the most important thing to do for self – protection is to avoid public gatherings and wash your hands whenever you get in touch with an outside surface.

First, it is very important to recognize the difference between COVID-19 and common allergies at this time of the year.

Allergies are chronic while the coronavirus is an acute sickness, in other words, the infected will feel completely fine until the symptoms start showing up.

Symptoms of COVID-19

According to the World Health Organization, the symptoms of COVID-19 are in most cases:

  • Fever showing up as the first symptom
  • Dry cough that is following
  • Tiredness and pain
  • Shortage of breath that usually occurs 5 – 10 days after the fever starts

In case you have a high fever, it does not necessarily mean that you have this virus.

It could also be another acute illness, the seasonal flu which also starts with a fever and bodily pain.

The difference between the symptoms of this virus and seasonal flu is that the flu does not come with a shortage of breath later on, so that is the easiest way to recognize the difference.

It could also be a regular cold since the symptoms for these three illnesses are quite similar.

The difference between the coronavirus and allergies is clear since the allergy is chronic and starts showing up symptoms for a longer period with symptoms periodically returning.

Moreover, allergies come with no cough and with sneezing while this was not thought of as a symptom of coronavirus.

Studies have shown that coronavirus only shows sneezing and nasal issues on about 6% of the patients.

While the coronavirus has some similarities to regular cold, the cold starts showing up symptoms like runny nose that are not the symptoms of the coronavirus.

On the other hand, this virus has more similarities to seasonal flu, while it is almost impossible in some cases to figure out the difference.

The influenza is to be feared as a stage of the coronavirus since that is the reason for the most coronavirus deaths until now.

In these times, it is crucial to remain responsible for your and the lives of others around you and to pay maximum attention to reducing the possibility of the virus further spreading.

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