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Coronavirus Tips – Make the best of Home Schooling

In the time of the coronavirus spreading, classes have been canceled until further notice to prevent the virus from spreading among students and kids going to school. However, there are some coronavirus tips you can count on.

In the following days, starting from the beginning of the week(03.16.2020), children and students will be put to the homeschooling program, where they will have online classes and study from the comfort of their homes.

While this can help reduce the spreading of the virus, knowing children, it will be a hard process to actually make them use their homeschooling routine and study.

Moreover, most of the kids will not listen to any coronavirus tips for homeschooling and take homeschooling as a vacation period.

As we all know, being lazy at the start of this process can make it much harder for the students to cope with the study materials they have later on.

Advise your kids to start studying in time and organize their time and routine to learn something new every day.

Coronavirus Tips for Home Schooling

Since the movement on the streets is also partly limited and isolation is a smart thing for all of us to do in these times, we all know how boring for the kids can be to stay at home the whole day.

Teenagers and students are also hard to stop from getting together with their friends, so here are some useful coronavirus tips for your kids to make homeschooling a daily routine:

  • Organize your day – By being able to define the exact time that you will spend studying, you can make a study plan, so you will know how much time and which lessons to learn each day.
  • Prepare yourself like you are going to school or college – Studying from your bed just won’t work.

You will find yourself searching the internet or typing your friends on social media. The best coronavirus tip for homeschooling is to choose the location you will be using to sit on while studying, and every day sit in the same location and study for the same time.

This will help you prepare your daily routine easier.

  • Organize your short pauses – having pauses in the studying is smart, but only if you make short pauses that will help you regain your concentration. Do not make longer pauses since In that case, it is highly likely that you will not continue studying afterward.

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